"I’ve really improved my writing, I’m not really a mess with the whole exam. Before I didn’t have a plan, or any idea how to do it…but now I know how the strategies are. I feel like I can get it. Before, I didn’t feel that. I’m really excited that I could add a lot of new words and sentences. You help us not feel like a lost case."

-Maloryn, Colombia 🇨🇴

"If you have any doubts about the writing exam, just buy the guide. It resolved almost all of my doubts and made me feel confident about my writing."

-Solene, France 🇫🇷

Completely Understand your Writing Exam!

The Cambridge First and Advanced Writing Guides are your helping hand for your writing exam. You'll get a complete ebook of strategies, phrases, model answers and structures you can copy, to make everything 10x easier!

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Step 2. Open your email and find these free bonuses 🎁:


✔️ Speaking & Writing 1 hour masterclass

Get access to this one hour class where I talk you though 7 of the most important strategies for the writing & speaking papers

✔️ Vocabulary Sheets

This way, you can save time making lists of fundamental writing vocabulary, because I've done it for you, and divided it by task type.

✔️ Student Examples

To give you lots of examples of what to do (and what not to do), in this new version yo'll find my students answers, with comments, corrections and exam marks.

10 Things This Ebook Will Teach You

How to structure an essay, review, report, formal and informal email and a proposal (CAE)/Article (FCE)

What to include in each paragraph in every text

Important exam strategies so everything you write is intentional

What NOT to include in your writings, and what will bring your marks down

How the examiners will correct your writing tasks, so you know how to write what they want to read

The most common mistakes students make, with my comments on students' example texts

How to use formal and informal vocabulary for the different types of text

The difference between the paper-based and computer based writing exam

Exactly which phrases to include which will help each text look more impressive (vocabulary lists)

How to check your own texts at home, when you're self-studying

... and much more.

What students are saying:

Liliana 🇦🇷
Giuliana 🇮🇹 

"The Writing Guide is exactly what I was looking for to prepare myself in the best way for the C1 Cambridge exam. The right strategies are explained in the simplest and most effective ways, to face the exam with more confidence and achieve the goal. The Writing Guide is definitely a must-see book, written by the best English teacher I've ever known."

Carla 🇪🇸 

"Before I bought the Advanced Writing Guide, I honestly felt quite lost. I didn't know how important it was to plan or what things to include in my essays. You have to think of the topics on your own but she gives you the whole structure, I haven't seen this anywhere else. It made things easier for me"

Ana 🇪🇸
Catalina 🇦🇷

"I don’t have an English certificate, but I want to get one. It was very helpful, and I feel really relieved. I feel like I have more tools to take that part of the exam. She has this teaching method that is not classical, I would definitely recommend her."


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Let Me Tell You More About The Book...


The books "B2 First Exam Writing Guide and "C1 Advanced Exam Writing Guide" are comprehensive and practical guides on how to prepare for your Cambridge writing exam. According to the author Issy, the key to making progress and getting good marks is learning the fundamental exam strategies so that your writing is intentional.

If you don't know where to start or what to write, it's not your fault. The problem may be that you're not using exam strategies that work, and that you don't have a clear plan. Issy emphasises that having the right strategies in place can be the key to success. In these writing guides, she provides proven structures that can help you achieve your goals, drawing on experience from her time working at language schools, receiving teacher training and helping hundreds of students prepare for their exams.

The book is filled with example texts written by Issy herself, written by her students (with corrections and comments), strategies and vocabulary lists to make it easier for her students. Whether you're at school, university, are 67 years old or a teacher yourself, the B2 First and C1 Advanced writing guides can help you get writing confident and achieve your full potential.

By giving you a helping hand with practical tools and strategies, "B2 First and C1 Advanced Writing Guides" can help you make big and immediate changes in your writing exam preparation.

My Story

Hey! I'm Issy. I've successfully helped hundreds of students pass their Cambridge First and Advanced exams. All the language schools kept teaching exam preparation, and I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the teaching, so I decided to create my own course.

When I worked at language schools, I always felt like we weren't giving our students all the tools they needed. We kept giving them practice papers, but never taught them HOW to pass the exam. It was all about grammar, and my students weren't improving.

So, I started working on a course that works. I read absolutely everything I could find about Cambridge exams, watched hours of teacher training webinars, learnt from examiners and I became a much better teacher. Then, I left the language school, and built a business.

And what happened? My students started doing much better. They enjoyed their classes, implemented my strategies and were getting Bs and As after one or two practice writings. Amazing.

Now they're less stressed, more organised and know what to do.

Get Your Copy of the Cambridge B2 First or C1 Advanced Writing Guide

B2 First Guide (17€)
Get Both Guides 27€ (20% off!)
C1 Advanced Guide (17€)

Here are some frequently asked questions


How will I receive it?

Once the payment has been made, you'll receive an email where you can download everything, immediately! (I'm impatient, so I wouldn't make you wait :)

Can I use this for IELTS or TOEFL?

Sadly not. Although all of the phrases and tips will surely be useful, this pack was made especially for the Cambridge First and Advanced Exams, and the strategies might not be accurate if you're applying them to a different exam. I wouldn't want you to be disappointed.

How long do I have access for?

Forever. They're PDFs so once you have them, you can keep them for as long as you'd like. You will also have access to your account forever, so you'll have access to future updates too.

Is it one document for B2 and C1?

No, I will send you the PDFs for your specific exam. If you buy the B2 guide, you'll get the B2 PDFs, if you buy the C1 guide, you'll get the C1 PDFs.




Cambridge First and Advanced Exam Writing guides come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee…. but we don’t stop there. We promise you will see writing in a different way. Your friends will be jealous of your writings.

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Because of the nature of digital products, this is a pretty generous refund policy. Don’t be the person who joins, downloads all the material, checks out every lesson, and then asks for money back even though you loved the product.It’s just bad karma, you know? (Plus, I worked really really hard on this for you!)

Get Your Copy of the Cambridge B2 First or C1 Advanced Writing Guide

B2 First Guide (17€)
Get Both Guides 27€ (20% off!)
C1 Advanced Guide (17€)